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President’s Vision

The company name ASTI is taken from the ancient Sanskrit word that means "possession" " existence" "achievement" or "universe".

We have been challenged a variety of business fields since the company was founded in 1963. Initially, we started manufacturing the wire harness for the electronic organ “Electone” and our business has expanded to manufacturing wire harnesses for motorcycles and automobiles. Besides wire harness business, we engaged manufacturing electronic control units for home appliances, assembling mobile phones, manufacturing safety devices for automobiles, developing electric chargers for vehicles and so on. Recently, we started manufacturing and distributing medical devices as our new business.

The business environment is constantly changing, e.g., sharp rise of raw material prices, steep Japanese Yen depreciation, and rapid innovation toward automobile electrification.
Traditionally, enterprises valued global supply chain and inventory reduction. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to focus on shortening the supply chain and holding appropriate inventories. We are now working to strengthen our business continuity plan (BCP).

ASTI has two strengths. One is we have developed integrated production system from designing through to manufacturing, so we can do work flexibly and quickly as various requests from customers. The other is we have overseas production system expanded in China, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.

The name of company ASTI also implies that we will continue to exist in any circumstances.
ASTI has been changing its production items in response to changes in society and has continued its progress.
Asia is the economic center of the world in the 21st century. ASTI will continue to manufacture high quality products at each of our production bases in Japan, China, Vietnam India, and the Philippines.
We will make steady progress toward our goals;

Achieve high quality,
Seek the innovation,
Towards good atmosphere,
Increase company’s social value,

We greatly appreciate your continuous support and encouragement.
Thank you.

Atsuhiko Hatano

Management Principles

We will strive to efficiently produce the fine products
Desired by our society while promoting integrity in
Management to build trust and enhance the
Cultural lifestyle of those around us.