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President’s Vision

ASTI celebrates its 60th anniversary.
The founder's desire to provide jobs for many people during the postwar reconstruction period led us to manufacturing, starting with piano actionparts, and then to the production of parts for musical instruments, home appliances, motorcycles, and automobile. Our production bases have expanded from Hamamatsu City to Iwata City, Fukuroi City, and Kakegawa City in the western region of Shizuoka Prefecture, and also to China, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.
Our 60th anniversary is the result of the encouragement of our business partners and the enthusiasm of our employees who responded to their encouragement.
ASTI means "existence" in Sanskrit. It also means survival under any environment.
World economy is in the era of great transformation. To address global warming, the use of energy with minimal CO2 emissions has become a priority, and after the Corona disaster and the Ukraine crisis, shortening supply chains and strengthening business continuity plans (BCP) have gained prominent attention.
ASTI has two strengths. One is we have developed integrated production system from designing through to manufacturing, so we can do work flexibly and quickly as various request from customers. The other is we have overseas production system expanded in China, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.
ASTI has been changing its production items in response to changes in society and has continued its progress for 60 years.
Asia is the economic center of the world in the 21st century. ASTI will continue to manufacture high quality products at each of our production bases in Japan, China, Vietnam India, and the Philippines.
We will make steady progress toward our goals;

Achieve high quality,
Seek the innovation,
Towards good atmosphere,
Increase company’s social value,

We greatly appreciate your continuous support and encouragement. Thank you.

Atsuhiko Hatano

Management Principles

We will strive to efficiently produce the fine products
Desired by our society while promoting integrity in
Management to build trust and enhance the
Cultural lifestyle of those around us.