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President’s Vision


What is the Real Strength of a Company?
You might sometimes for example hear the expression “Engineering Capability” or a similar term. This is usually considered a cluster of intelligence and knowhow, but that alone is not enough to succeed. The spirit to “stick it out” to the end is essential. You need the enthusiasm to believe in those around you and pour all you’ve got into your work until the “final answer” appears. The point where you finally meet your goal is where you experience true feeling. Sharing that “thought” with others is what helps overcome obstacles that were first thought impossible and breakthrough to the final goal.
Since it was founded half a century ago as a small workshop on up to the present, ASTI still retains that “see the job through to the end” approach. That involves taking up challenges presented by the customer and working seriously and steadily to conquer them. You have to start the job without fearing failure or regretting errors, using repeated trial-and-error attempts as a learning experience to walk towards your goal one step at a time. This is what I believe is the true power of ASTI and its corporate approach.
The pace of the times is changing and the industrial structure is on the verge of a period of vast and sweeping change. However no matter how much the world around us changes, I believe that there is always hope and there is no goal we cannot reach as long as everyone at the company takes a bright, positive attitude and work together with that “see the job through to the end” spirit.
Up until now we have mainly been involved in electronic related ventures. But from here onward, ASTI will set its sights on new eco-related fields such as power electronics and micro device technology and start in-house R&D work on projects needed by the next generation. Our primary approach will make use of our high-level technical capabilities in “product engineering” as well as “production technology and quality control” to meet customer needs and contribute to a better and happier society. We will also bravely rise to new challenges while not forgetting to be grateful to those around us.
As always we ask for your tireless support and encouragement.

Representative Director and President
Nobukazu Suzuki

Management philosophy

Produce logical products that are a step ahead of society's needs,
expand dependable sound management,
and uplift the culture of all the participants.