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Technological development

Strategic Supplier The driving force for ASTI: Making ourselves indispensable for our customers

We solve the problems our customers face, and promote the development technology that will create the future.

ASTI implements an integrated cycle of development from design to software, and hardware to quality control mainly at our Headquarters and factory. By creating a unique combination of customer needs and our core technology, we have developed high-value added potting and implementation technology for control boards. ASTI's technical development can be broadly divided into three categories: First is the design of frameworks and circuits for creating a customized product. Next is proposing the development by aiming for a model change several years from now. Last, but not the least, is next-generation technical development in fields such as nanotechnology in co-operation with academia. From such activities, the field of power electronics may soon be put into actual use, and we can expect breakthroughs in environment-friendly products such as the hybrid car. We will continue to develop new technologies while solving the problems of our customers. Our motto is to become the “strategic supplier”that our customers will always select and count on. And that is also our driving force.

Design room at headquarters factory

Production technology laboratory at headquarters factory