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ASTI, which started its business from manufacturing instruments and automotive electronics, has been refining its core technologies, such as manufacturing high weatherproof products and packaging high-density circuits, for half a century. Combining these technologies, we are developing business of "wire harness", "on-board electrical equipment", and "consumer industrial equipment".

  • Automotive Electrical Components

    Automotive Electrical Components

    We provide things having functions to form the “automotive infosphere”.

  • ome & Industrial Electronics

    Home & Industrial Electronics

    We contribute through manufacturing the products having the "well assembled intelligence" to the smart life or the production at updated factory.

  • Wire Harness

    Wire Harness

    Wire Harness We supply the fun and or controllability to drivers with the “nerve of car”.



Our mission is to provide technology and products that bring us the true trust of customers in every generation.

  • Production technology

    Production &
    Technical Engineering

  • Technological development

    Technical Engineering &

  • Quality control

    Quality control