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Production technology

An image recognition system that can detect the minutest defects in a fraction of a second. Such production technology is unique to ASTI.
To ASTI, optimizing the production line and creating high-quality products is of supreme importance. Hence, we are constantly using the knowledge and technology that we have developed over the years, and at the same time, we try to explore new avenues for production technology. We serve our customers with our high competitive power in Q.C.D. For example, we have a mechanism to very quickly detect minute defects in assembly or LCD displays by using an image test system employed in production lines for wire harnesses or car panel assembly. We have achieved high technology while eliminating human errors. Also, at our Iwata factory, we have employed an integrated production line from procurement to product creation, and have reduced the lead time to 1/20 or 1/30 of the current figures. Also, by various innovations such as a low-cost, space-saving circuit board using an inline mechanism, and a line design that can easily comply with changes in product specifications, ASTI continues to promote high-quality products and effective production technology. This technology has been developed independently by our technology department, and in the future we may also consider selling it as integrated with FA enterprise.

Example of Potting Robot System

Example of Image Test System