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Approach on environment

ASTI achieved International Environmental Management Standard. (ISO14001) We also carry independent activities and endeavors to better the environment.

ISO14001 Certification

We have achieved ISO14001 certification for telecommunications equipment, alarm equipment, electrical equipment for cars, various control units, wire harnesses, printed boards assembly and repair, and production of resin-molding materials.

Environment Policy of ASTI

As a company, ASTI recognizes its responsibility to society. While contributing to society, in our businesses, it is our constant endeavor to continuously improve our influence on the environment and to obtain the trust of customers and residents of the area where our factories are.
  1. We will comply with the environment-related laws and regulations for environmental-protection activities.
  2. We seek to precisely identify our influence on the environment, and in order to decrease any negative effects, we will set environmental targets for each location to the extent technologically and economically possible. We fully commit ourselves to preventing pollution and to the continuous improvement of environmental-protection activities.
  3. In order to carry out our environment-protection activities, we will create a system for our employees and provide them with the necessary training.
  4. We will proactively abide by the “5S” with the aim of bettering the environment at the workplace.
  5. We will take the initiative in implementing the following, thus reducing the burden on the environment.
    1) Reducing industrial waste
    2) Reducing energy usage
    3) Promoting environmental activities
    4) Promoting recycling
    5)Promoting control of harmful environmental materials
  6. All employees will be made aware of environmental standards and targets, and they will do improvement activities towards these targets. Periodic audits and checks will reconsider the consistency between the targets and the actual status.