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Software Designing

Location Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.
Employment Status Full Time Employment
Term of Employment Contract Employment (based on labor related regulations)
Employment Position Software Designing
Required Languages Fluent Japanese and English (capable to conduct business aspects), Chinese and Vietnamese are desirable
Least Job Requirement/Preferred Qualificatuions Requirement:
  • Development and design the software to be built-in mass production products, for more than 5 years, in the areas of automotive, consumer oriented finished product(s), industrial equipment and power electronics product(s)
  • Expertise to operate basice measurement instrument (oscilloscope, multimeter, power supply)
  • Capable to handle Microsoft Windows and Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

Preferred Experience in:
  • Circuitry designs related to motor control, more preferably such vector control expertise
  • Development to design acordingly ISO-26262, more preferably ASIL-C and D capabilities
  • To develop soaftware within the environmenrt in CAN communication as well as Wifi and Bluetooth connections
Desired Personality Capacity to carry logical approches and views in every aspect, such as designing and verification/response capabities to handle variety of issues
Job Description
  • Development, by utilizing C language and assembler, the software to be installed into the products in the areras of automotive, consumer oriented finished product(s), industrial equipment and power electronics product(s)
  • Validation of operations over control circuits using microprocesor (via development of analog V-shaped process)
  • Software development for operatiing eveluation and vefification toolings
  • Conducting evaluation tests by prototype unit, using tools for software verification, related measurement instrument and environmetal tester
  • Responding jobs for reviews and queries, regardless internally or externally, then generate documents such as explanatory materials and/or reports
  • Generate concerned specifications, drawings etc. for the product
  • Overall enquireis and consultation with customers, vendors, traders and international partners in terms of product designs and specificartions
Place of Employment 2804 Yonezu-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.
Anticipated Salary Upto 6 million yen per annum (including bonus and all other benefit)
※ Salary will vary acordingly to employee's experience and other related expertise
Compensation Dependency allowance, duty contribution, commuting allowance, rotating shift work compensation, overtime working compensation, housing allowance etc.
Work Hours 08:00 to 17:00 hours
Holidays and Paid Leaves Altogether 118 holidays per year, including weekends, end of year to new year holidays, so called Golden Week break, summer holidays
Annually given paid leaves, Special leaves, Planned annual leaves
Welfare Programs Variety Programs consiting with social insurance, retirement funding, financil aidings, ESOP, awarding programs, company excursion, summer evening festival, club activities, dormitory