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Acquired ISO9001 Certification
image:ISO9001 Certification
ISO9001 Certification

We have achieved ISO9001 certification for the development, design/production of electronic equipment for cars, telecommunications equipment, all control units, alarm equipment, computer peripherals, and the assembly and repair services of printed boards. (Ryuyo factory, Miyakoda Technology Center, Asaba factory)

image:Quality evaluation room at headquarters factory
Quality evaluation room at headquarters factory
ASTI, aiming to be a strategic supplier, has one more dynamic point--quality.
ASTI achieved the international quality management certification (ISO9001) in 1999. At present, our quality control department is promoting the most stringent quality standards in each factory. All departments including Quality Evaluation Group which validates quality of products based on a checklist of around 50 items, Quality Assurance Group which maintains and promotes quality management system, Customer Service Group which repairs rejected products and analyzes the causes of its failure are pursuing high quality. Professional staff are assigned to these quality control groups which are independent from the production group, and they work in close contact with the production lines of each factory for better quality control. Any improvement in success is horizontally spread-out to the entire company, and we aim to create an “ASTI quality” that reflects all production lines. ASTI would never compromise in quality control and management.


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