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We ensure customer satisfaction by having various production centers with their unique characteristics.

The electronics industry that is developing at exponential speed. The product lifecycle is shortening very rapidly. In order to adjust to these fast-changing circumstances and still ensure customer satisfaction, ASTI has unique production technology and production centers with optimized production lines.

1 Headquarters and factory

photo:Headquarters and factory
In spring of 2007, the construction of the head office factory was completed in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu as the headquarters of an ASTI group. By integrating the separated headquarters of marketing, technology and administration to a single place, Asti group has got a base of business for its global management with enhanced centripetal force.

2 Hamamatsu factory

photo:Hamamatsu factory
photo:Hamamatsu factory
Hamamatsu factory specializes in production of various wire harnesses. We easily comply with changes in production methods using our experience and success of the last 30 years. Moreover, by having a production methods based on the three pillars of Q.C.D., we have received highly positive reviews from all automobile manufacturers.

[Main Products]
Wire harnesses for two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles, ships, and special machines.

3 Iwata factory

photo:Iwata factory
photo:Iwata factory
Handles color LCD assembly in a class 1000 clean room, production of mobile phones including attaching camera unit and electronic control boards for home electronics using potting technology. We have reduced the lead time in an unprecedented manner by incorporating a consolidated production line and effectively deploying our unique production technology.

[Main Products]
Assembly of electronic control boards for fully-automatic washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and mobile phones.

4 Fukuroi factory

photo:Fukuroi factory
photo:Fukuroi factory
Handles the implementation of electronic circuit boards of all types. The electronic circuit boards assembled with electronic parts are then sent to factories that handle the post process. We have implemented high-precision chip porting and mass production of irregular shape products using a high-speed SMT line. We have also prepared two types of production lines, one for small lots and other for large lots, and can easily comply with a change in product specifications.

[Main Products]
Circuit boards for mobile phones, electronic control circuit boards for fully-automatic washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, car audio, controllers for various control equipment, and resin products.

5 Miyakoda factory

photo:Miyakoda factory
photo:Miyakoda factory
Mainly handles production of electrical equipment for cars including air-conditioner panels and corner sensors. With a unique blend of independently-developed technology and the skill of our personnel, we have created a production line that can easily handle various small lots.

[Main Products]
Air conditioner panels, air conditioner switches, corner sensors, controllers for rail motors, and supersonic devices.

6 Kansai factory

photo:Kansai factory

[Main Products]
Electronic control boards for fully-automatic washing machines and dishwashers.


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