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Nowadays, people are highly conscious of their health and skin. We are spending significant period on maintaining a glamorous life and being young. Due to highly developed science and technology, scientists have come up with new inventive methods to fulfil our needs.

Celebrities are the majorities who apply the expensive and effective means of treatment to protect their skin and body to be on the run of the entertainment industry. People are doing cosmetic surgeries and changing the whole texture of the skin and body. Now, everyone can look beautiful if they undergo surgeries. This might be painful, but still, it is in high demand. When it comes to non-surgical cosmetic procesures, practicionors are very much dependable on cosmetic injections.

These specific types of injections are usually injected into facial areas. These are applied for reducing ageing, prevention of wrinkles, killing pimples and many other issues of the face. One might not have any idea that these are extensively used to glow up the skin and pigmentation. Well, these are nothing but solutions of face makeup and are injected dropwise in different parts of the face. These facial fillers may not be harmful because there are natural elements that constitute to make the solution of the injections. For this purpose, one needs to consult a physician or a dentist or a cosmetologist. Otherwise taking unknown cosmetic filler injections might be painful and show drastic consequences.

cosmetic injections

There are other methods of treatments and Meso Therapy. One might not know about this procedure much. First of all, it is a non-surgical method and skin rejuvenation process. It is also applied to hair loss and other hair issues. The process includes several injections that are injected into the subcutaneous fat and through these vitamins, and other efficient minerals are inserted. Meso Therapy has got side effects too and must be practised only when prescribed by any professional physician.

Doctors must be a little conscious about the injections before buying them. Since there are varieties of them available, they are applied for particular purposes. So, suggestions must be taken before spending money on such expensive treatments. If doctors are willing to perform filler injections, then ASTI’s needle is the best with respect to supply and production. We provide the best quality products and will satisfy the needs of our clients. We have high quality control for the production of these kinds of injection needles. Since these injections are inserted on the sensitive parts of the body, i.e., the skin hence; they are made with full care and maintenance.

For these cosmetic injections, multi stainless needles are preferable. The specific features of the multi stainless needles that are exclusively produced by us are discussed below.

One needs to apply less force with the multi needle to deliver injectables into the skin. In some cases of high viscous injections they can be conveniently inserted into the intradermal layer without much pain. Since it is multi-needle therefore, one can use it for four-point injection, and it results in less time consumption and is less hectic. The needle length can be varied continuously from 0 to 4 mm, and the gauge can be choosed among 31G and 34 gauges. The most striking feature is that the stainless multi-needle is highly durable and can repeatedly be applied without any failure.

Meso Therapy

Hence, one must keep in mind that buying the right needle is essential. After all, the human body responses to any impulses and external factors. Thus, to avoid vigorous complications to health and skin, one must be careful while treating themselves with the cosmetic injections. For the best experience in aesthetic injections or medication, our company will offer you the best products.

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Poly-glycolic acid needle

intracutaneous injection, botox injection, Meso Therapy

Stainless multi needle

Features of Stainless Multi Needle

  • Injection with less press force
  • Allows easy injection for higher viscous injectables

  • Four points injection at one time
  • Reduces treatment time

  • Highly durable
  • Appropriate for repetitive injection

  • SUS 304 Stainless

  • 31G - 34 gauge, 1.5 - 3.5 needle length