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Electrical equipment for cars
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Electrical equipment for cars
 We provide our customers with a wide variety of electrical equipment for cars including control systems for air conditioners, corner sensors, various control units, audio systems for cars as well as our main product, wire harnesses, which ensure comfortable and safe driving, and should be regarded as “the nerve of cars.”
This is the principal business of ASTI which pursues high quality, low cost products.
 image:Wire harness (for four-wheeled vehicles)

Home Electronics
 High durability to handle moisture, vibration and direct sunlight is required so that delicate electronics can be used in home electric appliances which are used daily, and yet still last for the long-term.
We deal with such needs by consolidating our own manufacturing technology of high weather resistance products.
 image:Display boards for automatic washing machines

Telecommunications equipment
 Our own technical capability accelerates miniaturization, weight saving and technical innovations for mobile phones.
We can handle shortening of product cycles for continuous introductions of advanced, multifunction products by manufacturing circuit boards using 0.6mm x 0.3 mm chips (which are categorized as the smallest in the industry) and by using exclusive assembly lines which utilize our own ultrafine processing technology.
 image:Circuit boards for mobile phones

Control equipment
 Factories and production equipment always have to change to accommodate diversified production plans, automation, as well as advanced and intelligent functions.
We provide you with the “brain” to achieve this.
We realize high value added solutions for changing needs such as improvement of productivity, switching to small lot production, and shortening of lead time.
 image:Controllers for industrial robots

    Medical Services :

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