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Give your car a uniqueness of its own by providing it with “the nerve of cars”, and ensure comfortable and safe driving.

This is the principal business of ASTI which pursues high quality, low cost products.
Comfortable driving which makes you want to give a whistle. Technologies offered by ASTI ensure such a comfortable and safe driving. ASTI provides our customers with a wide variety of electronics for cars including control systems for air conditioners, corner sensors, various control units, audio systems for cars as well as our main product, wire harnesses, which should be regarded as “the nerve of cars.”
Especially in the field of wire harnesses, we can accommodate various needs from our customers including those for boats, two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles and racing cars. We are proud to have a top share in wire harness business for two-wheeled vehicles in Japan.
By introducing a new production management system using computers and quality control methods using the latest imaging inspection system, we pursue higher quality and lower costs and improvement in customer satisfaction.
Also in the fields of panels for air conditioners and various sensors, we deal with various needs from our customers including small lot production and mass production through our consistent production system from procurement of parts to manufacturing. We also focus on making proposals for development of original products. For example, our unique technology for controllers of “welfare equipment” is utilized for commercialization of electric motor cars and electric wheelchairs for the aged and handicapped.

Four-wheeled vehicles

Numbers in the illustration below correspond to the numbers on photos.

image:Four-wheeled vehicles

image:Wire harness (for four-wheeled vehicles)
image:Panels for air conditioners
1 Wire harness
(for four-wheeled vehicles)
2 Panels for air conditioners

image:Car radios
image:Corner sensors
3 Car radios
4 Corner sensors

image:Foot lamps
image:Information display
5 Foot lamps
6 Information display

image:Room lamps
image:Rear panels for air conditioners
7 Room lamps
8 Rear panels for air conditioners

image:Various switches
Various switches

Two-wheeled vehicles

Numbers in the illustration below correspond to the numbers on photos.

image:Two-wheeled vehicles

image: Wire harness (for two-wheeled vehicles)
image:Oil level sensors
1 Wire harness
(for two-wheeled vehicles)
2 Oil level sensors

Electric motor cars

image:Electric motor cars

image:Controllers for electric motor cars
image:Switch boxes for electric motor cars
1 Controllers for electric motor cars
2 Switch boxes for electric motor cars


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